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Feeling Watched

I recently discovered something. Something that isn’t new, yet I was surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. Before I go much further, this post is about Facebook profile settings. I am telling you this now in case you don’t have a Facebook, no need to read further unless to further educate your friends who may use Facebook.

So, I try to keep my personal account private and I try to keep my friends list as clean as people I know, or at the very least people I communicate through networking. Occasionally I will get a friend request that appears shady, to say the least. When I do get these requests, I have a habit of sitting on them for a day or two to see if they disappear and typically they do. 

A long time ago, so it feels, I had two friend requests show up, but they never disappeared. But oh well, right? Recently, I was looking at my “About me” section and noticed an option to view my “Following me” list. I knew I could follow someone and someone could follow me (in other words, keep track of someone and their posts). What I didn’t know was that there was a place to view my followers. Come to find out, the two friend requests I never accepted have been on my follow list. No clue how much of my stuff they’ve been able to see or monitor. I almost got the feeling they were people of my past who wanted to keep an eye on me without me knowing.

So, that’s my word of caution. You may never know who is watching you and what you say and do. Let alone, for how long. Maybe you should check yours out and see if there are any people “following you” that you didn’t know where or that you don’t want keeping tabs on you. 

Good luck and safe journey.


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