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New Event: Welcome.


If you are reading this I owe you a great deal of thanks. I am working on developing a following in all my future events. Right now, I am focusing on Gaming. Recently it was blogging and it still is. However, I found out I will be moving to a location where I might be spending a lot of time alone. What better way to spend my time, safely, than by gaming and meeting fellow gamers. I am currently learning how to use Twitch and their partners to broadcast my games. At this time I can merely upload videos and with that, I am uploading my Mobile Games.

If you find any further time, beyond reading this, and can check out my Twitch page ( I would greatly appreciate every view, subscribe, or follow I can get.

Today: I played in a new event in Clash Royal and finished it rather quickly. This new feature is called Mirror Battle. Since it is a new format, Super Cell has set up the event as a few days of practice before the tournament. There is a daily prize of 300 gold (in-game currency) for 3 Crowns (victory points based on how many towers were destroyed in the match). Then, there is also a prize for 6 total crowns, which is the Mirror Card. Attached should take you to my post that I am referring to above. If you have any feedback on my gameplay or if you have any requests on things you would like to see, please let me know. Whether it’s through here, my Facebook pages, or my Twitch Page.

Thanks for your support!


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