It’s funny to think about how small things mean small impacts. But what if small things had huge impacts? For example, you see some trash on the ground. You think “Picking that up isn’t my job, it shouldn’t have been left there” and in that thinking you walk away thinking how it was so small that it couldn’t have mattered anyway. But what if it’s bigger than that or at least had the potential of being bigger than that. There are two ways that bigger impact can go.

  1. “I should pick up this trash, it doesn’t belong here.” Picks up trash throws it away, someone stops you and asks, “why did you throw that away? It wasn’t your responsibility”. To which you reply “maybe to you it wasn’t, but now this street looks a little cleaner and a little nicer”. And this person you’re speaking to let’s that sink in. And before you know it, this conversation is a story and a new lifestyle choice. That person decides you’re right and picks up some garbage a few streets over, because he felt bad for overlooking it. Before you know it, he gets stopped and asked the same thing… and the trend continues.
  2. “Gross. Lucky for me, that trash isn’t mine and I don’t have to pick it up.” So you leave it… and so does the next person and the next. In fact a couple hours go by and someone see it and add more to it, by throwing a cigarette butt and an old paper cup from coffee onto the street near the initial trash.

Now, if you took the time to read this far, let me ask you… which one would you be? Close minded way two? Or attempted trend-setter and all around decent human being way one?

What we do on a daily basis is important. The small things may seem small. May look small; but maybe in the bigger picture… it’s not so small. It isn’t always “what you make it”, but sometimes “what others make it for you”. I know, from a lot of inspirational people, they say that you can only affect you and only control you. But control is the wrong word. Because actions speak louder than words and people follow leaders. So what others make it for you, is the two ways above; where you ignored the trash and so did everyone else allowing the world to continue to rot or you picked it up and the others around you were inspired to do the same. You were the leader there; you just don’t always see it.

I leave you with this: will you be a leader in the world’s bright future by taking a stand and doing what is right and by doing the little things here and there that could change history for the better? Or will you continue as you are, and let the world deteriorate, because “it isn’t my responsibility to make things better, this was already here before I got to this place”?

Thank you for reading.