I chose to write tonight, to see where this post will take me. Lately, I’ve been writing down ideas. Using a pocket notebook and pencil. Earlier I posted about therapy and therapeutic actions. These three things were therapeutic to me.

  1. Writing ideas down
  2. Using a pencil and paper
  3. blogging them after thought and formulation was made.

It was quite a thrill for me to have friends, family and the many “strangers” show up as having viewed, liked and/or even followed my post(s) or my site. This thrill came to me mainly due to the fact that I felt more accomplished. That what I wrote down seemed to be good, maybe even great for my lack of experience.

This post/blog, however, is strictly from my mind and thoughts in this moment. Nothing formulated, nothing written down, and very little effort on the “grammar/spelling” front. So, hopefully this piece, too, turns out unmasteredly masterful. This whole blogging thing is brand new to me. I’ve used many Social Media sites. But this… This is a new world. There’s no violence. No fear. A sense of empowerment. How? Well, if there is something that I don’t feel comfortable with, I can remove it. If I feel threatened, I can wall myself up and take away whatever I need to for protection. But so far, there has been little “care” to be added to my blogs. No comments from outside sources, no input from people of an aggressive agenda. It’s “safe”.

The worst thing the world has to offer is negativity. So far, this world of “WordPress” has only had Positives to offer. “Likes” or “Followers”; they both give a sense of accomplishment. Support even. As a person whom lives to please people, it’s nice to have that sense of accomplishment. When I see someone likes what I posted or I have a new person following my work. Although my own demons still haunt me. My own internal negativity, telling me that “what if no one cares” or “what if someone jumps down your throat for always posting ‘crap'”. These fears are real and this personality I fight on a daily. Every day, however, I do learn something new. Something to provide me with a level of “Oh well”.

Distraction has set in… I will end this here on this note.