Have you ever been to therapy? Have you ever considered therapy? Have you ever thought about how therapeutic simple tasks are? If you’ve never been to therapy, never considered therapy, nor realized how therapeutic simple task can be; there’s a strong chance you have a negative opinion of therapy and even add to the stigma of therapy.

Stigma defined as a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

The beautiful thing about Therapy, is that it can happen without you even knowing. I find doing the dishes very therapeutic. Also, I’ve started writing my ideas down with a pencil. For some reason, the graphite scraping the paper leaving behind it’s residue is a therapeutic sight and sharping the pencil with a hand-held sharpener is a therapeutic task.

Therapy defined as a treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.

What disorder do I have the would require therapy or therapeutic activities? Well, sometimes, it’s not as simple as having a disorder or being diagnosed. Sometimes, however, it is as simple as being stressed or feeling anxious and needing a quick release from such thoughts and feelings. This is why it is good to realize what activities work best to remove such ailment’s from our day-to-day life. There are many activities that are used for therapy without the “patient” even being aware that therapy is what they’re receiving (even if it is self-treatment).

Musical therapy, or the act of finding comfort and solace in either playing a musical instrument or listening to others’ music. Most simply put, “I listen to (insert band or song) because this helps me feel more comfortable or even happier”.

Retail therapy, or the act of shopping to relieve everyday stress. This therapy is unfortunately common and can be very counter intuitive. For example, you’re stressed out because you paid your credit cards off. But now you need to do something to reduce your stress, so you go to the store and buy more (not needed) items with your newly paid off credit card. This puts you back at square one about worrying about paying your credit card off.

I’ve shared a couple of my views on therapy and even a couple of my methods. Fortunately enough, there are many more ways to seek comfort and I’m not going to spend ‘all’ of my time listing them all. At least not today. Maybe another day I will touch back on this topic. By-the-way, this Blog was another way for me to feel the effects of “Therapy” as it is rather relaxing and comforting to get my ideas down on both paper and online.

I close this thought today with a note of Awareness. Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are all very real. These feelings really require a lot of attention from both the person suffering, but also from friends, family and maybe even neighbors. If you or someone you love suffers from any of these, please reach out to me. I have been through a lot and seen a lot and have much information to share as well as many stories that I would love to hear or even share. The scariest thing that I’ve faced to this day: the realization that our own Personal Barriers prevent us from completing tasks that we really should complete. Whether that task is talking to someone about the pain or if the task is think 3 happy thoughts. These personal barriers are the biggest enemy and I’m hoping that by addressing this concern here, if you need help or think you need help; as a “Non-Trained Professional” and an unbiased source, I offer you my ear. Please help those in need today.

Thank you!