Everyday life can be such a blur. From waking up, going to work, eating dinner, and going to bed. Yet, how often do we feel thankful for the fact that each day happens. Is there any thought about how it simply could’ve just “not” happened. I feel like many people take for granted their life.

There are many times that I catch myself feeling ungrateful. This typically comes in the form of “why me?” or “what now?”. I’m slowly learning to catch myself in those moments and stop myself from being so selfish and stupid. That may sound harsh, but in reality it is simply the truth. I’ve learned that there really can be a positive to every negative. It just requires a little searching and a little understanding.

My kids, for example, they’re a handful and they are learning. I sometimes feel like they’re the master and I’m the student and if you looked into their eyes at the moments that I do; you’d see that they think it too. With that, I’m learning to catch on to their wise acts of manipulation and with it, I grow into a stronger and more resilient parent. My kids are definitely a blessing as I’ve learned so much from just being their dad. The other day, someone offered me a hypothetical: “If you could sacrifice so much time and effort and even family to have what you most desire, would you?” (not an exact quote but I feel it was something close to that). My response actually shocked me to the core (initially): I said, “I can’t answer that hypothetical, because the truth is, I have what I’ve always dreamed of; what I’ve always desired. I have a family, a loving wife and two beautiful children. Asking me to sacrifice that for a secondary dream… I would be insane to even entertain the thought.” Growing up, as a kid, I always looked up to my dad and wished that someday I could be a dad like him.

Being a parent has even given me a new perspective on what kind of son I am and how I can be better. I love my mom and my dad, though I don’t think words could ever truly describe our relationship. I have so much trust and faith in my parents, that it’s hard to imagine that there are people out there that don’t trust their parents or that have been hurt by their parents. But I know that these relationships exist out there and I’ve learned from many other people that these facts are true. I’ve learned as a coworker and friend that these people that have been scorned by their parents need a person in their life like me; someone trying to be a better person and who will take time to listen and talk through any issues that exist and can be discussed.

I’ve seen many types of people and many different personalities, though I still wouldn’t even come close to calling myself an expert. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from all of these experiences, is that at the end of the day we are all “The Same”, in that we are human and have our own lives to live and to worry about. But also that we are all “Different” as no One person has the same story. Similar stories still breed different outcomes. Just gotta keep an eye out for those Blessings in Disguise.