The day your feet are killing you is the day you are miserable. If that ends up turning into “days” it eventually blurs together and numbness may set in. Perhaps it’s time to find your soul… insole that is. 

This image is my old insole on top of a brand-new insole.

Happiness sets in when your feet find the newly squishy insole in your shoe, or in my case boot. Like walking on a cloud. A very heavenly experience. 

Make sure you buy new shoes or insoles somewhat frequently. Otherwise you could do damage to your feet, legs, or mood. A bad mood sets you up for a bad time around other people. A bad time around other people can mean more of a bad time for you. So, if you need a quick “pick-me-up” try changing your insoles.

The middle insole showing the sizes and where to cut… was on both of the outter insoles at one point.