Of all the motivational things I’ve seen and I’ve read and I’ve heard, they all have one thing in common: a story. Now, that story is not always the same as everyone is different. So not everyone is telling the same story. The story that is being told, is yours and you are the storyteller. You have the power to shape the story anyway you desire. If you ever hear someone say “you shape your destiny”, that is just another way of saying “it’s your story to tell how you want it to be told”. 

Make it a great story. If you are a person on a journey to power, maybe it isn’t a big gun that you’re looking for. Maybe it’s the tongue and quill of telling the story of how you “Do”. As you tell the story of how you “Do” you slowly see the empowerment that you are bringing upon yourself by rediscovering your tale and how much of a PROtaganist you truly are to your story. You begin to feel the “power” and then realize the power you thirsted for has been with you the whole time; just needed to see the hidden potential. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated, remember: that’s the story you are choosing to tell. Imagine you are sitting there telling yourself how unmotivated you are. Now, imagine that as you’re telling yourself that (regarding the lack of motivation) you’re actually an audience to a story. How do you as the audience ‘feel’ about the character’s feeling of unmotivatation? Do you want to listen more intensely to the story? Or do you wish you could intensify the story? If intensify is the choice of the hour, remember that you are the author to your story and the writer of your history. Make it happen. And make it big.