If there is one thing I have learned over my many years of sleeping… it’s that, though I may love my sleep I never want to get there. From a young age of not wanting to go to sleep. To a young man who would rather accomplish night time activities. However, once sleep has been accomplished, I want nothing more than all the sleep in the world.

Problem I face is getting to sleep and staying asleep. There are so many products out there designed to assist people with their sleep cycle. One of my go-to’s is SleepWorks. This Advocare product is a vitamin concoction in Lavendar Spearmint flavor. The taste is good and the result is restful sleep.

If I don’t have a SleepWorks handy my next go-to is 5mg Melatonin. My favorite brand is Natrol. This Melatonin is “Fast Dissolving” and is strawberry flavored. This helps with the feeling of rapid action as well.

If you’re like me and have difficulty “Shutting Off” at night; maybe you too, should give these products a try. I look forward to shutting down soon.

Good night.