my-10-favourite-gary-vaynerchuk-quotes-16-638What’s going on guys! James Cortez here, from The Projct. Thanks for stoppin by to read this. I promise to pay you back by providing you with some value on this blog post. Today, I hope to possibly convince you to start vlogging….immediately. Vlogging, to me, is a very intriguing concept. It requires minimal effort, but offers insurmountable returns for your future. So that is my goal. To get you to start. Like literally, as soon as you finish reading this, I want you to start a vlog. 

Do you have a phone with a camera? Are you a living, breathing human being? If you happened to answer yes to these two questions, then you qualify to start vlogging. Don’t make it complicated. In fact, simplicity is the key. My man Gary Vee (Founder/CEO of Vaynermedia) says it best: “Document, don’t create.” What does this mean? It means very simply, pick up your phone, turn on your camera, and start recording. You don’t need to be a creative person. You don’t need to go to a giant event. You don’t need an intricate plan on how you’re going to execute your vlog. You just need your camera and yourself, and to start documenting.

It means Joe Shmo down the street, who is literally documenting his life through a phone lens and then posting it on FREE social media platforms [Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.] is WINNING. He’s getting his work and ideas out there, getting seen by companies and brands, and even creating HIS own personal brand. How? Because all he has to do is share his thoughts and ideas with the world. Thoughts and ideas that he owns. Like really, they’re his! His life experiences… they’re his! What he believes in, and what he’s passionate about…also his! All he has to do is share them with the world through documentation of his everyday life. He isn’t crippled by the thought of having to “create” something that may or may not go anywhere. Then get butt-hurt, because no one gave a crap about the super amazing thing that he created. No, he isn’t crippled by that thought.

But so many people are. So many people can never start, because of the fear of flopping [among other things that I won’t even mention]. The fear that it wont work out. Or the fear that other people will laugh at something they created. So they’ll forever talk about wanting to start something. And they’ll talk, and they’ll analyze, and they’ll talk, and they’ll research, and they’ll talk some more… but they will never start. And we all know those people. Or maybe you’re one of them. This is sometimes referred to as “Paralysis by Analysis”. Being frozen, because of over-thinking. Well good news, my friends, “documenting” instead of “creating” negates this fear, like no other. When you document, all you’re doing is living your life. Would you be afraid of living your life? How much easier could it get??? Let me make it even easier for you! Here’s exactly how you should start:


  • For the rest of the day, have your camera (phone) on hand. (Should be pretty easy).
  • Say “hi” to your new vlog! Introduce yourself. Tell your vlog what kind of stuff you like. Talk about a couple things going on in your life currently. (Again super easy. Doesn’t have to be long. 1-2 minutes will do).


  • Go about your day. (I’m gonna say it one last time: super easy).
  • Record 30-60 second clips of things you do through out the day.
  • Anytime you change locations, let your vlog know.


  • At the end of your day, dump all your clips into a FREE movie editor. [Examples: on Mac use “iMovie”; on Window use “MovieMaker”; on mobile devices use “VideoEditor”)
  • Create (yes, at this point you ARE “creating”) a 3-5 minute movie of your day.
  • Post the movie on Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram, etc. (I recommend posting the full movie on Youtube, and teasers on all other platforms).

And voila! You just created your first vlog post! All you did was go about your day like you were going to either way, but this time you recorded parts of it. And let’s face it, you would’ve done THAT for your Snapchat or IG stories anyways. But now you have a vlog. Rinse and repeat.

Well, I’m gonna keep this short. I told you HOW you could start vlogging today with MINIMAL effort. But why should you? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? That’s the question everybody wants answered, right? Well, I have the answers to that here: Why You Should Start Vlogging Today | 3 Reasons . Watch this video, and you will absolutely want to start vlogging today. And so, I will leave you with this:

“Ideas are shit.  Execution is the game.”

                                                                              -Gary Vee [on the importance of taking action]