No, I am not talking about my waist line nor yours. I’m talking about my new website which is SEVERELY underworked at this moment. I have very high hopes for Ponder City. My plan for Beginners Beginning was to eventually allow people to talk about their beginnings after I shared my stories. Ponder City might follow a very similar path. My purpose for Ponder City is to share my thoughts. Whether it’s “thought of the day is…” or “phrase of the day is…”. I want to be able to talk about what’s on my mind. I also hope it becomes interactive.

I thoroughly enjoy active talking. Debate. Maybe even a plain old argument from time to time. I enjoy the interaction. I also enjoy the feeling of using my Brain. Big B in Brain because we are “technically” always using our brain. There is a belief out there that “to challenge is to gain strength”. I agree that this applies to mental capacity or mental strength. I know that without my friends and family, I would feel weak. Why? Because family and friends are a support system. In my meaning of weakness without the entity of family and friends, I mean that my family and friends have challenged me, but also stood by me while I was being challenged. Both of these acts show strength and encouragement for further strength.

Without family, there would be no me. Without me, I wouldn’t have began these two sites (of hopefully many more to come). Of course, without me… where would you be? I hope that if you know me and you feel that I have done something that mattered to you (specifically), please comment below or on my Ponder City site or reach out to me on my contact page and let me know what or how I’ve impacted your life. It would mean the world to me if you did. Not just any world, but to be more exact, it would mean my world.

Consider that request (above) as another attempt at me expanding. Also, it’s another beginning for you and I. As well as a chance for you to ponder. Welcome to my spiraling world of creation.