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The Beginning of the Business

I’ve been talking with people and discussing my feelings about this page and what I want it to become. I want it to be an open forum for people to talk about themselves, their beginnings, and their goals. I want this space to be, not just mine, but yours too. I’ve finally discovered how. This discovery allows me to go where I want to with my plans. There is only one downside to this. I need you to want to be a part of this.

I can only open up my page so far. In order for me to open my site to you and give you the freedom to open up and blog on this site; you have to join my team. I’m still learning the details. It may be limited to a certain number of people that can join my team (at this moment the number I am seeing is ten). Hopefully not. That’ll put a damper on my plans for progress. I don’t think it’ll stop me, for I hope to expand beyond just this one page.

On the topic of expanding beyond this page, I would appreciate ideas. I was looking at starting up another new page. Something “Jokes” related. I want to make a blog for jokes. Whether it’s “Joke of the day” or “Water Cooler Jokes”. I can’t seem to find a good title or the right words. Maybe you can help me brainstorm?

Otherwise, I am back to square one and looking for a team. A team to share their experiences and their beginnings. I have even contemplated reaching out to the big guys and asking them. Where was square one? How did you begin? What baby steps did you take that snowballed into running down hill with such momentum that nothing could seem to stop you from reaching your goal or the finish line at the bottom of the hill? Is that too presumptuous of me? To want to reach out to the big dogs as such a low level hitter.

Really, the only thing truly stopping me is who do I address and why? Also, how do I ensure I avoid copyright issues if I want to directly talk about these people or entities, their successes and their products that got them to where they are today. I want to aim big. Though, any entity bigger than myself seems immense. Guess that’s my thought of the day.


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