This post is the reason I started this website: Beginner’s Beginning. I’ve never “Blogged” before. I’m brand new to it. I’ve heard much about it, from many books and stories and even movies. But I’ve never done it myself. Until now. This is my Beginning. I really hope to meet people through this and gain insight on improvement. If there is one thing I want to do, it’s get better. Nobody wants to be a beginner forever. Unless being a beginner means less responsibility and less work than I’m sure there are people out there who would want to be a beginner forever.

I plan on getting better. Hopefully I’ll gain a following of fellow bloggers and gain constructive criticism. Or maybe just criticism. Sometimes it’s not what you want that gets you what you need, but what you don’t want that gets you what you need. It’s not always a matter of the hand you are dealt. It’s how you play the game. I just want to know that there are people out there reading my posts and showing interest. Staying involved. It’s nice to make new friends and even to interact with complete strangers.

One day, I hope to become well known among a community. Whether it’s due to fame, fortune, or sheer generosity. I think that’s the goal I hope to achieve Beginning now…  I’ve been working with some people who’ve been acting as a sort of “Think Tank”. We’ve been bouncing ideas off each other and it’s been nice to interact in this manner as well as to get the criticism. In fact, I spoke with one of them regarding my ideas behind this website and received some encouraging feedback. This positive encouragement sparked a new level of excitement in me.

This is the beginning of my new adventure.