What’s the best way to start your day? This key starts the ignition on your day and molds the future you will soon come to know. How do you start your morning? Groggy? Slow? ¬†Odds are likely that this is your case. I know it has been mine before. However, this is the beginning. Change is upon us. If we want it.

I wanted to be better. At one time I thrived for it. When I achieved it, I got complacent and slipped back into my old “norm”. This looked like: every morning wake up, spend 20 minutes hitting the “snooze button”; walk groggily to the kitchen to grab some water; walk back to my bedroom to collapse onto my bed. It wasn’t pleasant. Does this sound kinda like where you are at?

When I overcame this morning with a better morning, it looked like this: woke up with the fiery thoughts of “I can do this” or “I can’t wait to get through this”; I would get on appropriate running attire (depended on the weather: rain = sweats or cold = shorts or sweats depending on my daring side); find my music and headphones and set off for a jog/walk. This was an ‘Every Other Day’ thing. Why? Because if you’re not used to it, you don’t want to over do it, plus it allowed ample recover time. When I first started out I aimed for at least Five GOOD minutes of a jog and then Five minutes of whatever I could handle (jogging, walking, or a combination of the two. After a week of this I became fit enough to jog the whole 10 minutes. The following week I stretched my time to 15 minutes, broken down like the original five minutes. 10 minutes of jogging and 5 minutes of jog/walking. This became a great thing for me and made my days better.

Why did I stop? I got complacent. Meaning I felt so great that I didn’t feel the need to get up early to do it. I had achieved what I had wanted. Problem was, the morning routine was what had got me there. On top of that, life happened along as well. I ended up relocating my place of residence and had to find a new groove.

That’s why I am here. At the beginning again. I will start my routine up again. Learn a new route, too, which I deem very valuable. A specific route allows you to time yourself or judge the distance you’re making thus allowing you to track your improvement. If you find timing yourself more valuable than distance, then pick a small route that loops so that you can go based on “Laps”. If you would prefer distance, then I would select a route that is more of a straight shot. Something you can go out to and then come back from. If you want to incorporate both Time and Distance, I encourage a bigger loop. Something that you can judge the laps based on distance (1 Loop = half mile) and then work on timing how long it takes you to complete the number of laps you had predetermined.

My personal preference for a good, early morning, jog is a loop. This allows you to gain a sense of familiarity with your course. Are there any pot-holes? Are there safe running paths or is the street relatively untraveled? Grasping a sense of familiarity will grant you some comfort in your new early morning ritual.

As for the other ‘Every Other Day’, I encourage waking up the same time as the day before. Keeping you on a schedule will allow your body a better chance to get accustomed to the new you. As for what to do on this new filler day? I encourage doing something that you want to do that you maybe feel you don’t get to on a normal day. Read something? Play a game? Do some cleaning? Something productive. This way you get another sense of accomplishment beyond just improving your health. You’re improving you well-being. That’s my plan tomorrow… Filler day.

Let’s begin…